What Will Fat Loss Pros Cost Me, Jen?

It took me several hours to research all of these experts for you. It also took me at least $2500 of my time and money just to put this product together (although I enjoyed learning insider tips for losing fat quickly and easily).

So I could easily charge $500-600 and it would be a steal. However, with the price of "life" going up around us all the time, I decided to price the complete package for only $197.

Even if each interview only sold for $40...the retail value of this collection of programs would be over $700!

Each one of these experts charges anywhere from $200-$600 for a private One Hour Consultation.

Dr. Eric Serrano charges $500.00

Alwyn Cosgrove charges $550.00

Those two interviews alone are valued over $1000.00.

If you add all 18 experts up...well...you get the idea!

I am offering this UNBELIEVABLE Package for ONLY $67.00 $47.00

That's right. $67.00 $47.00 will buy you the most comprehensive fat loss package, from the world's leading fat loss experts!

But wait, there's evem MORE!!!

If you place your order today, we'll also send over $1100.00 in FREE bonuses!

Bonus 1: THE specific training and diet plan used by Cassandra Forsythe in a legitimate scientific research study that enabled clients to gain up to 10 pounds of muscle and shed 15 pounds of fat over a 3 month period of time. A $47 value!

Bonus 2: A complete 4 day rotational diet by Paul Chek he uses to maximize body composition through avoiding the development of food intolerances that can destroy your lean physique. A $50 value!

Bonus 3: A specific weekly fat loss routine by Krista-Scott Dixon that incorporates compound movements, olympic complexes, bodyweight circuits, cardio conditioning, and more. A $50 value!

Bonus 4: A 5 day metabolic enhancement hypertrophy training program by Scott Abel along with 3 programs incorporating high level cardiovascular circuits which are used to replace traditional cardio for bodybuilders and fitness competitors. A $150 value!

Bonus 5: Weekly Total Body Circuits for Fat Loss by Chad Waterbury. A $30 value!

Bonus 6: Complete Build Muscle and Lose Fat Menus for men and women by Roger Riedinger. A $70 value!

Bonus 7: Body Composition Edge e-book by Don Alessi. How the average physique and strength athlete can use body composition methodology as a competitive edge. A $60 value!

Bonus 8: Turbulence Training e-book by Craig Ballantyne - 33 pages of fat burning Dumbbell and Bodyweight workouts. A $40 value!

Bonus 9: Feminine, Firm, and Fit e-book by Kelli Calabrese - Building A Lean, Strong Body in 12 Weeks. A $50 value!

Bonus 10: The Unnatural Athlete e-book by hailed coach Charles Staley. A treasure Chest of Coach Staley's most politically incorrect writings on eating training, time management, motivation, you name it...its here. A $20 Value!

Bonus 11: AN AMAZING FULL LENGTH PROFESSIONAL INTERVIEW with expert Kelly Baggett. In this transcribed interview, you will learn how to manipulate your body-fat set-point through specific supplemental, training and psychological strategies.

How to assess your metabolic status and determine whether you are best suited for a carb-based diet or a fat-based diet. How to use a simple thermometer to monitor changes in your metabolic state. Learning from Kelly is an absolute must!! This interview alone is worth well over the price of the entire package!!! Valued at his 2 hour consult rate of over $500.00!


Now that's a package worth taking advantage of!!!

Fat Loss Enthusiasts,

This is the year you will finally have the know how to get lean once and for all.

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Personal Trainers,

If you got only ONE tip from these interviews that help improve your clients' results, you'd increase your training income dramatically!

What could be worth more?

*We insist you order Fat Loss Pros entirely at our risk*

That's why this program comes with a rock solid, 100%, 60 Day, Money Back Guarantee.

If you don't think Fat Loss Pros is an outstanding and complete fat loss product, or question if you received a fair return on your original investment, simply email us and we'll buy it back for 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked.

Listen, this price is only an introductory offer. I will be raising the price soon so make sure you act now while you still can get all the bonuses.

Regards & Best Wishes in your Body Transformation Goals!

~Jen Heath