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Everyone desires a lean, athletic, muscular body with a tight and defined mid-section. In Body Re-Composition Essentials, I teach you how to manipulate your body composition through nutrition and training. You won’t just look better but you’ll perform better. If you’re serious about transforming your physique, your nutrition and body composition must not be neglected! Do you need to lose fat? Increase muscle? Or a little bit of both? If you want to shape up, lose body-fat, or gain solid muscular bodyweight this program will teach you how.

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Learn what foods you should be eating for optimum results.
Learn why diet is responsible for 90% of your success when it comes
to tightening up your midsection.

How to structure your meals to burn off body-fat and build muscle without hunger and deprivation.

Learn why the timing of your meals is just as important as the actual composition of those meals.

How to read food labels and construct your own personalized diet - How many calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fats you should be consuming each day for weight maintenance, weight gain, or weight loss.

The most important times of the day to eat for increased recovery, muscle growth and fat burning.

Why you should NOT avoid eating dietary fat and what certain types of fats actually make you leaner!

The best type and method of exercise to lose fat.

How to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your cardiovascular work.

What supplements are worth the money and have the ability to help you build muscle, lose fat, or increase your energy levels.

Which foods are best at building muscle and which foods should absolutely be avoided when trying to lose fat.

Learn how and what to eat for muscle gain.

***Several complete diet plans and numerous workouts for fat loss and increasing lean muscle mass

  "Jen, Thanks for writing this book. I have struggled to understand why what I was doing just wasn't working. After reading your book, the habits I have implemented have allowed me to shed over 20 lbs of fat and add muscle in the meantime. It was so easy to understand the concepts you wrote about. I am thrilled with my new knowledge!"


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Rita Schaaf

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