"It is truly impressive that Jen has put together such a great package of fat-loss information in a very easy to listen to format. As someone who lives and breathes fitness and nutrition audio, I can say that this product is top notch. Even after all of the interviews that I have done, I still managed to learn a great deal from the cast of interviewees that Jen has featured in Fat-Loss Pros. This is a must buy for the professional who wants to get great results for their clients, and for the person who is just looking to get into beach shape with the most effective means known."

Kevin Larrabee
Host, The FitCast

"I just got the FAT LOSS PRO's product and it is worth every penny.
Thanks for doing the work! My clients will reap the benefits! Thank You!"

Jorge Carvajal,
Performance Enhancement Specialist


This package is amazing! Listening to Fat Loss Pros is like getting a advanced degree in fat loss. Your interviews run the full gamut cover very low carbohydrate diets, to cyclic diets, to fat loss training, to specific ways to trouble shoot fat loss plateaus, and a bunch more. I’ve already listened to all the interviews once and I’m ready to listen to them again. Great work.

Mike Roussell, B.S. Biochemistry
Nutritionist, Doctoral Candidate


I have listened to the Cosgrove interview. Very informative! I can't wait to sink my teeth into the others! Great stuff. Anybody who is serious about losing fat or helping clients to do the same, NEEDS YOUR MATERIAL!

Continued success!

Jimi Varner


I must say ... I was hesitant to purchase your audio series (I get bombarded daily with all sorts of offers). But when I got the email from Charles Staley highly recommending your interviews, I decided to give it a go. Besides, most of those you interviewed were familiar names that I had run across in my fitness pursuits over the years.

However, when I listened to the Paul Chek interview ... wow! I had never heard of this guy, but was blown away by his passion and knowledge of the subjects. So much so that I have purchased the Last 4 Doctors e-book earlier today.

Another inspirational interview was the one with Dr. Eric Serrano. I love this guy's candor! He tells it like it is and doesn't care (or give a sh*t, as he might say) what other people think.

I've still got a few other interviews to listen to, but have already gotten my money's worth.


Marc Griffin